How to


without a single Pill, essential Oil or miracle cure

When the white coat gives you the news, Your world collapses around you.

22 years old, I woke up. My left side, numb.

22 years old, I woke up. My left side, numb.

Over 3 Horrifying Days Life As I Knew It Would Change Forever
As The Troop Of White Coats Surrounded The End Of My Bed In A Diamond Like Formation I Knew This Would End With Nothing Good.

A Waterfall Gushed From Both Eyes Uncontrollably As I Heard The News.

You Have..."
Panic struck my whole body.
"What Was It?
Was I Going To Die?
What Would Life Be Like Now?


An Uncomfortable Looking White Coat interrupted my thoughts
"You Have Multiple Sclerosis"

He got up and left.
Over 3 Horrifying Days Life As I Knew It Would Change Forever
As The Troop Of White Coats Surrounded The End Of My Bed In A Diamond Like Formation I Knew This Would End With Nothing Good.

A Waterfall Gushed From Both Eyes Uncontrollably As I Heard The News.

You Have..."

Panic struck my whole body.

"What Was It?
Was I Going To Die?
What Would Life Be Like Now?


An Uncomfortable Looking White Coat interrupted my thoughts...

"You Have Multiple Sclerosis"

It rang in my head.
What was my first thought? 
You guessed it!
A Wheelchair.
Random questions flood My Brain...
'Would I Be Able To Have Kids?'
'Would I Ever Walk Down The Aisle at my wedding?'
'Would My Partner Still Want To Be With This Broken Version Of Myself?'
'Will I be in a wheelchair?'
'Would I Be Able To Have Kids?'
'Would I Ever Walk Down The Aisle at my wedding?'
'Would My Partner Still Want To Be With This Broken Version Of Myself?'
'Would I be in a wheelchair?'
I didn't know anything about MS.
It Was The Moment I Left The Hospital That I Realised How Little I Knew About The New World I Was About To Walk Into.

I Felt Like A Broken, Vacuum Discarded At The Side Of The Road And Unlike The Vacuum, Life Sucked.
And This Wasn't The Shocking Part Of The Story...

The Five Final Words They Said To Me Before I Left The Hospital That Day Acted Like A Shotgun To My Heart.

"Go Home And Google It"

"Go Home And Google It"

I'm Sure The White Coat Said It With The Best Intention, Unfortunately Best Intentions Are Not Always Enough.

That Google Search Led To Four Long Hard Years Of Depression, Anxiety And Sleepless Nights

What Made Things Worse Is When I Went For Checkups, White Coats Were Saying, 'You Are Doing Great!', 
Appearances Can Be Deceiving, Right?

I Scribbled Symptoms In A Notebook For Years Trying Desperately To Track Everything That Was Going On Until I Realised, It Wasn't Helping

My Symptoms Were Out Of Control, No One Was Taking Me Seriously And I Needed To Find A Way To Show The White Coats Evidence Of My Symptoms.

I took matters into my own hands.
You know what it's like...

Getting Anxious About Medical Appointments?

Worring About Your Symptoms Day-To-Day?

Feeling Like You've Tried Everything?

White Coats Rely On You For Accurate Information

They Don't have time to read 10 years of notes and our symptoms prevent us from remembering 
game-changing information
chronic illness stole  A 'Normal life' from you
the things you are able to do have changed

Symptom Tracker Apps Aren't Secure

who is looking at and potentially stealing your information

Symptoms Take up too much of your time and energy

The Time Anxiety and Worry takes up That comes with symptoms
What if you had the answer?
I discovered something that helped get me back in control of my symptoms and that could help me give whitecoats more accurate information so I could get the best possible treatment that worked.

That's when I realised, tracking Symptoms Was the key...

Are you...

 Frustrated at symptoms

 Frustrated For not being believed

 Forgetting crucial information in appointments

 Passed between specialists in endless appointments

 Unsure what symptoms are what condition

 Trying endless medications and alternative therapies with no results

I am on a mission to help others just like me...

"I woke up one morning and couldn't feel the left side of my body"

Hey, I'm Jessie Ace

Diagnosed at 22 with Multiple Sclerosis.
I Was Told To Go Home And Google MS 
 I Hard To Learn To Manage Symptoms The Hard Way.
Hey, I'm Jessie Ace
I was diagnosed at 22-years-old, given no information about my condition in hospital (I was told to go home and Google it!) 

For years I was weighed down by symptoms, denied from doing what I wanted and living my dreams and not listened to by White Coats.

I'm on a mission to help other people with chronic illness learn how to track and manage their symptoms so they can feel in control of their lives again and get better care and treatment from the medical professionals too. 

Enough of being sent backwards and forwards with no answers. 

What would life be like if medical professionals took you seriously?

And you could receive the best treatment possible that actually works?
How great would it be to able to go out with your family and friends again without the worry of symptoms or side effects getting in the way?

How amazing would it be to avoid all those unnecessary appointments and tests that cost you time, energy and money?

How important would it be to know your symptom triggers so you could live confidently and take more opportunities?
I know when you start doing this too you'll feel in control, taken seriously and able to spend time with family and friends again

“People with a chronic illness will find this really easy to use, but more importantly it's really nice to look at and fun to fill in!” 

- Doctor Jonathan White, OMS medical advisor

So, here it is...
The ENabled Warrior Tracker Bundle!
This Tracker System contains everything you need to:
+ Track Your Symptoms
+ Instantly Spot Triggers 
+ Get the best treatment and care possible from medical professionals
Without taking extra pills, essential oils or 'miracle cures'.
 Daily, Weekly And Monthly sheets help you track everything from food, hydration to goals, menstrual cycle and exercise. 
 Covers 3 months
 A5 size, Fits in your handbag for appointments
 Track symptoms from day 1
 Always have crucial information in appointments 
(without having to remember any details)

“Brilliant for those with chronic illnesses to give their doctors more accurate information. For those of us who have difficulty remembering everything that should be mentioned at doctor's appointments. Recalling these nuggets of information can be a game-changer in receiving the best care for you and your symptoms" 

- Doctor Gretchen Hawley, The MSing Link

What you'll get...
ENabled Warrior Tracker book
Finally, a way to track your symptoms and lifestyle habits all in one place. This bullet journal style book is informative as well as super fun to fill in. Developed for people with chronic illnesses by a person with a chronic illness with help and input from doctors. It is the easiest way to get the best possible treatment and care. This is a physical book that will be sent to you and helps your track 3 months worth of symptoms.
In Depth Symptom and Pain Sheets
Specially designed in depth sheets help track your symptoms and pain levels day-to-day to get an even DEEPER understanding of how to manage your symptoms and painSaving you hours of stress and the annoyance of being passed between different healthcare professionals trying to get the best possible treatment and care. 
Ultimate Symptom Management Sheets
Easy-to-fill-in graphs and charts to help you present information to your medical team at a glance. With more accurate care comes more accurate treatment. 

Get ready to be your hospitals star patient!
And because I'm feeling super excited to help you, I'll also include these limited time bonuses...
Bonus #1 Memory Hacks eBook
Want a better memory?
It's easier than you think to improve your memory. We've compiled the best tips to help you improve your memory. You better think up a new excuse for not sending that birthday card! 
Bonus #2 Time Hacker Cheatsheet
Wish you could get more time in your day?
It's easier than you think to get more time in your day even without any fancy futuristic time machine gizmos! We've compiled the ultimate cheatsheet to show you the simple, easy techniques for getting more time in your day.

Bonus #3 Printable bookmarks

Track your pages as well as your symptoms
Download and print these bookmarks to keep your pages easily accessible and always find what you're looking for. Plus, make a notes on them so you can achieve your weekly goals without forgetting a thing.
Bonus #4 'I AM' printable cards
Reduce anxiety and build confidence
Read out these cards every morning to reduce your anxiety and build your confidence. Keep the cards that speak to you most in your purse or wallet so you can stay feeling confident when out and about.

What other chronic illness warriors are saying...

'I looked everywhere for something like this'

Joanna Livermore, MS Warrior
Manage your symptoms, find your triggers, get more accurate treatment and get back in control of your chronic illness with bonuses valued at £331, today you can get it for just £29!
For a limited time only...
We pay the shipping!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
"If the ENabled warrior tracker doesn't show me how to track my symptoms... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step and help me feel in control of my life again... or if it fails to help me take accurate info to my medical team, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!"

“A diary can organize the patient's history for more meaningful clinical interpretation” 

American Academy of Family physicians

'I'm Appreciating life instead of worrying about it'

Sophie Brodie, MS Warrior

What chronic illness warriors are saying...

'I looked everywhere for this sort of thing'

'Excited to fill it in'

'I think it's perfect'

'It will help me be more consistent'

The bottom line...
Every minute you're not tracking symptoms is another minute you're not getting the best treatment possible
In summary...
You'll know exactly how to track your symptoms so you can find triggers. You'll be able to give accurate information to your medical team, collate your information on a chart to help doctors. Benefit from all of the great bonuses like the in depth symptoms/pain sheets, memory hacker eBook, time hacker cheatsheet and the ENabled warrior printable bookmarks and 'I AM' sheets included for free.

You can also get back everything you spent if after 30 days it didn't help you track any symptoms and for a limited time we are even paying the shipping for you!

Act fast before it's too late and the offers gone forever. 

Stay #ENabled,
Jess x
Here's a recap of
When You Purchase The ENabled Warrior Tracker Bundle!
  •  ENabled Warrior Tracker book (£67 Value)
  •  The Symptom Tracker Sheets (£79 Value)
  •  Ultimate Symptom Management Sheets (£47 Value)
  •  Memory Hacker eBook (£47 Value)
  •  Time Hacks Cheatsheet (£47 Value)
  • ENabled warrior 'I AM' printable (£27 Value)
  • ENabled warrior printable bookmarks (£17 Value)
Total Value: £331
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only £29
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